• Our Mission

PPMAS – Singapore aims to develop students into young scholars through academic excellence rooted in the values of Pride, Positivity, Morality and Sportsmanship. 

Each student is encouraged to: think and explore situations and ideas using problem-solving techniques; grow to be proficient in ICT skills; develop the morality and ethical perspective necessary to be a valuable member of society; develop linguistic skills and learn through the medium of English, Chinese and Thai; immerse themselves in the artistic, musical and cultural heritage of the international cultures we celebrate within our community; and to learn, work and live together harmoniously in a meaningful way.

As an International School our first priority is to promote an international and intercultural understanding in all our students.  We celebrate the cultural diversity amongst our teaching staff and school community, and we are committed to building relationships that are free from cultural, racial, religious or gender prejudice and discrimination.

We believe in a collaborative way of learning and recognize that respect for others is central to successful team work.  Respect for our environment is important as we encourage our students to seek solutions that will continue to allow us to work towards a sustainable future.  We are committed to learning through doing and encourage our students to take the initiative and seek out challenges; in doing so we believe that our students are well rounded individuals with a thirst for enquiry and a passion for life-long learning.


  • Organisation

The School is led by the Board of Directors / Governing Body.  The Senior management team consists of the Director, the Principal and a Senior Teacher ic HR, marketing and Admissions.

Each Year level has a Lead teacher who is a native English speaker, a Thai teacher and a Chinese Specialist teacher; Nursery level are also supported by support teachers.  In addition to the teaching and teaching support the school has an extensive administrative team.







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